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Best Landing Page Examples from top companies for inspiration

Best Landing Page Examples from top companies for inspiration

Creating good converting landing pages is the dream goal of all the businesses on the Internet! When there are many companies in the game trying their best to achieve good results, there are some big fishes in the market who get amazingly remarkable results with their landing pages. Today, we have shortlisted you some of the most amazing landing pages from the top companies in the world; just for your own landing page inspiration. So that you can utilize this knowledge in your landing page building experience and create maybe the most successful landing page of all time.

Also, we will give you some amazing insider tips to make it even easier for you.

Now, without any further due let’s jump into our topic.

So, as we are discussing the top companies and their tactics for creating good converting landing pages; here are some insider tips right away for you. Going through them will make you understand the examples much better, also it will definitely help you build your ideal landing page.

Tips from the ‘Top Companies’ :

  1. The headline tells visitors exactly what the report is about.
  2. The image shows visitors what they can expect to receive should they choose to download the report.
  3. Bullet points allow prospects to quickly scan the page to find out what the report includes.
  4. Social proof - a customer testimonial and company badges - adds trust value to the offer and the company as a whole.
  5. Unique scrolling style allows all necessary information to be displayed allowing visitors to receive information without having to move up and down the page.
  6. The lead capture form is consistently present as users scroll through the content.
  7. The CTA button copy is compelling because it’s short, direct, and uses the word “free.”
  8. Only one form field makes it highly likely that visitors will complete the form.
  9. The images are bright, engaging, use brand colors, and are relevant to each corresponding section.
  10. The use of social proof is likely to make visitors feel compelled to use Slack.
  11. The Demand Gen Report statistic in the copy isn’t “recent” like it states; it’s from before 2016, while the copyright date on this page is 2017.
  12. The image of the white paper provides visitors with a preview of what they can expect to receive by downloading the white paper.
  13. The contrasting color of the form stands out and draws attention, enticing visitors to complete it.
  14. The unchecked opt-in box ensures that prospects who opt-in want to receive emails from Oracle.
  15. The privacy policy link in the footer adds trust value, making prospects feel more comfortable with submitting their personal information.

Now, as we have discussed the most effective tips for landing pages from top companies, let’s move forward to our next section that is the landing page examples from the top companies in the market.

Best landing page examples from the top companies :

  1. Marketo landing page example

  2. Slack landing page example

  3. Oracle landing page example

  4. Google Hire landing page example

  5. Uber landing page example

  6. IBM landing page example

  7. LendingClub landing page example

  8. Microsoft landing page example

  9. Intercom landing page example

  10. Lyft Landing page example

  11. Constant Contact landing page example

  12. Salesforce landing page example

  13. Zoho landing page example


And here we caught up in today’s blog! Today we have discussed ‘Best Landing Page Examples from top companies for inspiration’! And we really hope you like today’s blog post, as much as we like to share these productive things with you! If you have any queries, questions, additional information, or even praises the comment box is all yours! You can tell us your thoughts there, we will love to hear from you. There are many other blog posts that will definitely help you, we recommend you to check them too. We hope to see you in another blogpost of Applanding, and until then see ya!