High Converting Landing Pages (That you will wish you had built them)

Creating high converting landing pages is the main goal of any business that is investing in a good landing page. Now, in this competitive era when there are already plenty of landing pages designed carefully and still not achieving remarkable results; there are still plenty of landing pages that are doing exceptionally well in the game! Today, we are giving you a short portfolio of such landing pages, that will even make you wish you had built them.

Also, as always we will give you some tactics and tips to make some good results for your own landing page.

Now, without further due let’s get started.

So, as we are moving towards Highly converting landing pages let’s figure out what makes a landing page so successful, and how you can create one good and highly converting landing page.

What makes a landing page highly converting?

Although each landing page must be unique on its own; but there are few points common in all highly converting landing pages. They are as follows :

  1. Have a strong, contextual hero shot and supporting imagery :

The primary image or video on your landing page above the fold is the first thing visitors are going to focus on, so you’d better make it captivating. Show your product or service in the context of use: demonstrate how it works and make it easy for people to visualize themselves enjoying the benefits.

  1. Present a single and focused call to action :

Call To Action (CTA) is the one thing you want visitors to do on your page and your primary conversion metric. Make sure your CTA is obvious (from a design perspective) and compelling (from a copy perspective). The best practice is generally to remove any secondary links that might cause someone to leave your page before converting through your CTA, including site navigation.

  1. Clearly state your value proposition with a compelling header and subhead :

Why should visitors accept your call to action? Use your headline and subheadline to articulate your value proposition, clearly stating the benefits of your offer and what makes you different from your competitors.

  1. Outline the features and benefits (with emphasis on the latter) :

Sure, people need to know what your product or service does, but they’re much more likely to convert if they understand the benefits they’ll receive by following through with your CTA. Benefits-oriented messaging is one of the best ways to drive conversions.

  1. Include testimonials and other forms of social proof :

People are much more likely to convert on your landing page if they believe that others have done it before them and have been happy with the results. Social proof or testimonials, reviews, partner logos; can be a fast and effective way to build credibility with your prospects.

Highly converting landing pages examples :


  1. Promo
  2. edX
  3. Simply Business
  4. Later
  5. The Listings Lab
  6. TyresOnTheDrive
  7. Twillory
  8. Ooba
  9. ClaimCompass
  10. Extreme Lounging
  11. onX
  12. Investing Shortcuts
  13. MyTutor
  14. College Board
  15. FilterEasy

And here we caught up in today’s blog! Today we have discussed ‘High Converting Landing Pages (That you will wish you had built them)’! And we really hope you like today’s blog post, as much as we like to share these productive things with you! If you have any queries, questions, additional information, or even praises the comment box is all yours! You can tell us your thoughts there, we will love to hear from you. There are many other blog posts that will definitely help you, we recommend you to check them too. We hope to see you in another blogpost of Applanding, and until then see ya!