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How to win the trust of your users on the app store without learning web development in minutes

How to win the trust of your users on the app store without learning web development in minutes

Building trust for your smartphone app seems quite a hard job in this noisy internet space. As there are probably already a lot of competitors for you who have accomplished the crown of trust from the audience, showing yourself better than them and creating your own identity in the market, starts with how much will they trust you? When this trusting factor highly favors the apps with landing pages more obviously as an app owner without your own website, this job becomes even harder.

But, here’s a thing! If you have a legit app, building trust without any landing page or website is still possible. Yes, it is difficult but definitely not impossible.

In today’s blog post we are going to discuss some of the most effective tips that you can implement in your strategy in order to build a trustworthy app without any website or web development knowledge!

So, let’s get started.

Our 6 most essential tips for trust :

  1. Be present at all top app platforms

So, beginning with the most basic one. If you want to build a solid trust in your audience’s mind you should be present at all the top, popular app platforms. Being there gives your users a Legit feeling towards your app which will automatically make them trust you more.

  1. Don’t ask for too much

It all sums up to the permissions your app asks the users when they download it or try to use it. Asking too many, unnecessary permissions for users’ devices is quite not the right move to build trust. If your app is asking for too many permissions then the user may find it very strange and fishy which will directly get reflected in the reviews on the app store sites. This will be our next point today.

  1. Reviews are important!

Reviews on the popular app platforms reflect your app’s legitness to the people. If the reviews seem very rude or negative, a person will never trust your app. Having good reviews on popular app stores makes your app totally likable and legit in the user’s eyes, it will most likely attract other potential users. So, keep it in mind, have a good reputation over there when it comes to reviews.

  1. Give them exactly what you promised

Giving your customer exactly what you promised is something that all businesses can benefit from. Having an app is no exception to that, as giving your users exactly the same quality of graphics, tools and overall user environment you promised in the pre-look screenshots and videos have the same impact on your audience. Making them feel that they are getting the best-promised thing makes them trust your app and service even more. You better work on it!

  1. Notify them professionally

Notifying your user professionally, that is occasionally and with a nice message with good graphics make them feel the luxury you have as an app. Having a nice notifying software designed for your audience is never a wrong move! Definitely, we all love to get greetings and messages for our own good right? This will ultimately help you to build good trust for your app.

  1. Use Social Media

Using social media is another quite amazing way to build trust in your audience’s mind! In today’s date when almost all of the people have their social media accounts, having your brand’s social media account and promoting your new products or features as well as interacting with your audience there, having a good re-connection with them, will go for a long run. If you want to build a solid connection with them that will directly make them trust you more, you must consider being on social media.

Now, here is the bonus tip for you-

  1. Try to have at least a landing page

Now, after all these tips for bringing trust to your app, we can’t ignore the fact that having your own website and landing page is the ultimate trust builder for your app. So, at a point after having your app you must consider something like having your own landing page, to make you look right on point professionally! After all, you should always look forward to growing more.

Now, here we are! Today, we have seen 7 tips to make your app trustworthy for your audience without a single knowledge of web development. If you have any queries, questions, additional information, or even praises the comment box is all yours! You can tell us your thoughts there, we will love to hear from you. There are many other blog posts that will definitely help you, we recommend you to check them too. We hope to see you in another blogpost of Applanding, and until then see ya!